Songwork Catalogue

Songwork III: Core 2017 trio + special guests (80 videos)
Songwork II: Core 2017 trio only (98 videos)
Songwork I: Earlier phases of research (19 videos)
Songwork Lexicon: Definition of terms

Some videos now also include written commentaries.

Songwork III

Selections from the 2017 Judaica laboratory:
Nazlıhan Eda Erçin, Agnieszka Mendel, Ben Spatz.

With special guests Massimiliano Balduzzi, Solomiya Moroz,
Yaron Trio, Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz, Ilona Krawczyk, Caroline Gatt.

Over several weeks in summer 2017, the Judaica lab invited a series of guests into the laboratory. These exchanges opened the work up in many directions: towards anthropology, towards visual art, towards popular and contemporary music and more. Some of these sessions brought new artistic or ethnographic dimensions to the main questions investigated by the Judaica laboratory. Others had less to do with the theme of (jewish) identity and extended the field of songwork in other ways.

with Massimiliano Balduzzi, performer and teacher


with Solomiya Moroz, contemporary music composer

with Yaron Trio, musicians from Poland

with Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz, visual artist

with Ilona Krawczyk, performer and PhD researcher

with Caroline Gatt, anthropologist and performer

Songwork II

Selections from the 2017 Judaica laboratory:
Nazlıhan Eda Erçin, Agnieszka Mendel, Ben Spatz.

The core laboratory milieu in which the above exchanges took place was cultivated over the previous two months by the Judaica lab core trio. With three practitioners already skilled in songwork, the core lab sessions were structured not technically (as in training) but according to three alternating roles: practitioner, director, and videographer. These dynamic working configurations made it possible to explore a wide field of songwork technique in a relatively short time and produced a new kind of audiovisual mapping.

Songwork I

With Ben Spatz and associates.

The idea of articulating songwork through a catalogue of retrospectively selected video extracts came about after a single August 2016 studio session in which an external videographer documented a work demonstration. Following this session, additional selections were taken from performance documentation videos made over the previous six years (since 2010). This allowed for the first time a glimpse of what can happen when audiovisual documents of performance are treated as raw data for retrospective analysis rather than as secondary records of a finished product.

Songwork Lexicon

The following terms may be useful in clarifying some aspects of songwork.

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