The Somatics Toolkit is is a set of resources for ethnographers and others who want to bring their bodies more deeply into their research. Designed by Dr Eline Kieft with Ben Spatz and Doerte Weig, it is made up of four growing sections:

Core Practice audio guides will take you on a brief, focused, step-by-step journey through somatic awareness — suitable for all levels of experience.

Extended Practice audio guides take you further into specific areas of somatic practice and exploration, through the voices of many different guest contributors.

The Podcast “Remember Your Body” is a series of conversations with leading anthropologists other leaders on the role of the body and embodiment in their work. (See for example my interview with Tim Ingold.)

The Blog with variety of voices and diverse perspectives on the body.

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Project Team

Project Team
Eline Kieft (PI)
Ben Spatz
Doerte Weig

Advisory Board
Véronique Bénéï
Jerome Lewis
Thomas Groß

Project Mentor
Simon Ellis