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five songs, five associations

Duration: 4:19
Project: Judaica
Song: Shishelai; Durme Durme; Love Song; Rachel; Fel Sharah
Practitioner: Nazlıhan Eda Erçin
Director: Agnieszka Mendel
Videography: Ben Spatz
Date: 23 May 2017
Venue: Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research
Source File: J043




This is a continuation of a long songwork session with Eda (see: singing a song for the first timefour songs, four directions).

Director’s hint:

Now the stool becomes a time machine. Switching between the songs and directions you will also switch between associations. A short travel through life of a humen being. Or more specificly perhaps – life of a woman.
We will name the associations in advance. Start clockwise, so it builds sort of a linear narration. Later you can swop freely so a different story can emerge out of the combination. The switch must result in an immidiate change.

I like that in this video Ben, as videographer, follows the action and stays close. That allows to identify more with the situation.

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