@cryptojudaica: Instagram as videographic research laboratory

Instagram as videographic research laboratory

17–19 June 2024
Communicating Research
Grieg Research School

This Notion page introduces the Instagram feed @cryptojudaica, a digital experiment that I have been developing for the past two years. I first briefly describe how I have come to work with video as a performance practitioner since 2015. Most of my video works have been published as peer reviewed articles in online scholarly journals, whereas @cryptojudaica uses the constrained format of Instagram posts and reels to produce a changing archive of micro-experiments over time. The rest of the Notion page analyses some of my Instagram posts in more detail, considering how my approach to Instagram’s audiovisual form has changed since the experiment began in 2022. The reader is invited to explore the rest of the feed, which contains 232 posts as of this writing, comprising several different phases and still ongoing.