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four songs, four directions

Duration: 3:26
Project: Judaica
Song: Durme Durme; Love Song; Rachel; Shishelai
Practitioner: Nazlıhan Eda Erçin
Director: Agnieszka Mendel
Videography: Agnieszka Mendel
Date: 23 May 2017
Venue: Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research
Source File: J042



This is a continuation of work with the ‘Love Song’ on the stool. In this stage I asked Eda to bring all the three new songs that she learnt while being away for one week. Additionally, to recall song or songs that she already had used in the space before.

Director’s hint:

Round stool in the middle of the space. You are attached to it. Four directions. You can switch between them. Each direction is assigned to a particular song. Four directions, for songs. You can use more songs. But remember to which direction it belongs. Now sing the songs, switching between them while changing directions of your sitting position. Discover the quality of transitions between the songs, search the musical parts that possibly make the best match to the following song, experiment, be a composer.

The picture in the video is still in order to highlight the motion-based and direction-oriented task of the practitioner.