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partner contact through shared associations

Duration: 3:20
Project: Judaica
Song: Chad Gadya / Yefim Halelot
Practitioner: Ben Spatz / Nazlıhan Eda Erçin
Director: Agnieszka Mendel
Videography: Gary Cook
Date: 11 May 2017
Venue: Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research
Source File: J017-SE

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  • […] Prior to this session, I have not come across with the concept of hitlahavut. While we are naming the video which I recorded and later selected, Ben introduces the concept which explains why I kept the camera on at that moment, stayed focused and slowly zoomed in. In the video, Ben is demonstrating a genuine state of intensity and energy which reproduces itself as he voices the tune ceaselessly. Agnieszka holds the space with him by setting a scene with explicit imaginary elements such as water, ice and frozen people. (The same narrative-based imaginary elements are used in subsequent work and generate a distinct quality of partner work.) […]