Making a Laboratory

“Making a Laboratory” is a talk and/or workshop that introduces a new audiovisual embodied research method designed to unfold and trace radically diverse kinds of knowledge through the generation of a new type of video data.

Participants explore the basic elements of the method “Dynamic Configurations with Transversal Video” (DCTV), which include four key relations that structure performing arts and embodied practice; a feedback loop between lab design and experimental moment; and the analysis of richly open-ended video material. This is supported by a new, post-technoscientific definition of laboratoriality.

Practical experimentation is augmented by video screenings, showcasing works created during the 2017 AHRC-funded Judaica Project lab and introducing the videographic Journal of Embodied ResearchThis talk/workshop changes the way participants think about and understand embodiment, audiovisuality, and research.

A full critical treatment of the material presented in this talk/workshop will be published in a forthcoming book from open access leader Punctum Books.

Recent and upcoming “Making a Laboratory” events:

  • Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland, 2020 (talk)
  • University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2020 (talk)
  • Leiden University, Netherlands, 2020 (workshop)
  • Korzo Theater, Netherlands, 2020 (talk)
  • University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2020 (workshop)
  • University of Kent, UK, 2020 (talk and workshop)
  • Leeds Beckett University, UK, 2020 (talk)
  • Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, UK, 2019 (workshop)
  • Trier University, Germany, 2019 (talk)
  • Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, 2019 (talk and workshop)
  • University of Zagreb, Croatia, 2019 (talk)
  • University of Brighton, UK, 2019 (workshop)
  • Dans Brabant, Netherlands, 2019 (talk)
  • University of Bedfordshire, UK, 2018 (talk and workshop)
  • Northwestern University, USA, 2018 (talk)
  • Ghent University, Belgium, 2018 (talk and workshop)
  • University of Aberdeen, UK, 2017 (talk)

If you would like to invite me to present this material at your institution, please get in touch with me via my university research profile.

Image: Matthias Weischer