The Judaica Project

The Judaica project is a laboratory for new embodied technique in the field of song-action. The core of the project is six months of full-time embodied research involving three skilled practitioners in a studio laboratory. These embodied researchers will explore the intersection of song (rhythm, resonance, vocables, musicality, timbre) and psychophysical action (movement, intention, association, impulse) in order to develop new technique in this area. From 2016-2018 the project is funded by a Leadership Fellowship from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Follow the Judaica menu above to see the project summary, research team, bibliography list of songs, and the calendar of upcoming events. You can also read an excerpt from the grant proposal and the project's intellectual property (IP) agreement.

For easier access to the songwork videos, please visit the Songwork Catalogue. Some of the songwork videos also include written commentaries.

Songwork Videos

Research Support

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Partner Venues

Intensive Phase (2017)
Center for Jewish Studies, CUNY
Galicja Museum, Krakow
Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw
JW3 Community Center, London
LABA Lab for Jewish Culture, NYC
Leimay Ensemble, NYC
Massolit Books, Krakow
Polin Museum, Warsaw
RCSSD, London
SITI Company, NYC
Tufts University, Boston
University of Kent
University of Manchester
Wesleyan University, Connecticut
White Stork Synagogue, Wroclaw
more partners to be added soon

Previous Phases
University of Huddersfield (2015)
The British Library, London (2015)
University of Huddersfield (2014)
Performance Mix Festival, NYC (2013)
Movement Research, NYC (2012)
Earthdance, MA (2012)
Triskelion Arts, NYC (2012)


Project Leader
Ben Spatz

Intensive Phase Team (2017)
Nazlıhan Eda Erçin
Agnieszka Mendel

Previous Phases (2014-2016)
Sióbhán Harrison
Jennifer Parkin
Sobhia Jones
Nicola Fisher
Karoliina Sandstrom

Video Design (2013)
Bruce Steinberg

Guest Performer (2012)
Margot Bassett