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Holocaust Memorial Day procession

Duration: 4:02
Practitioners: Ben Spatz, Ilona Krawczyk, Siobhan Harrison and many others
Procession Direction, Puppet Creation, and Video Editing: Adam Strickson
Venue: Huddersfield streets
Date: 26 January 2017

This edited video shows the Holocaust Memorial Day procession in Huddersfield. I find the use of Holocaust memory in the UK problematic and I felt mixed about the second half of this event, which took place inside the university. But the procession organized by the lovely Adam Strickson — with its towering figures reminiscent of Bread & Puppet — had a powerful rawness that cut into the night and evoked political militancies of the past, which we badly need to remember today.

Click here for an audio recording of the Judaica project’s lamentation version of ‘Hineh ma tov‘, which we sang three times at different points in the procession.