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Artistic Research and the Queer Prophetic


This essay examines the intersection of queer, trans, and feminist politics with artistic research. It begins with a discussion of knowledge and form, arguing that we need to reinvent the formal structures of academic knowledge production in light of the digital revolution. I then examine two sets of examples of the scholarly video essay: three from a videographic journal I edit and three from my own practice. Such examples allow us to rethink or even to reinvent the embodied situatedness of researchers from a new perspective: the audiovisual body. I offer the “prophetic” to name this emerging mode of articulation.

Available open access here.

“Artistic Research and the Queer Prophetic” is the second in a series of articles that extend my work on embodied technique, in What a Body Can Do and Blue Sky Body, into a deeper consideration of race and identity through audiovisual forms of artistic research. The first was “Molecular Identities: Digital archives and decolonial judaism in a laboratory of song” and the next will be “Earthing the Laboratory: Speculations for doctoral training,” forthcoming in Performance Research.

These are all part of a monograph project on race, artistic research, and the future of knowledge.

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