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Massimiliano Balduzzi: Physical Training

1. First Sequence of Exercises/Actions

2. Second Sequence of Exercises/Actions

3. Third Sequence of Exercises/Actions

4. Floor Work

5. Isolations / Impulses

6. Open Work: Combining all the elements

6b. Open Work: Combining all the elements (with commentary)

These six videos document a research in solo physical training developed by Massimiliano Balduzzi over more than fifteen years. Balduzzi is shown practicing a sequences of exercises/actions, integrating floor work and impulses/isolations, and finally putting all of these elements together in a session of “open work.”

This video was shot in February 2013 by Ben Spatz and Manuel de la Portilla at Cave/Leimay in Brooklyn, and edited by Ben Spatz. They can also be viewed through the Routledge Performance Archive. See also this article.