PLAYWAR is a new work of contemporary performance that dynamically grapples with issues of intimacy and aggression, truth and spectacle, hope and despair. Bringing together all of Urban Research Theater's work on new theatrical forms, PLAYWAR is a virtuosic duet on the pleasures of conspiracy and the terrors of communion.

"On a bare stage with only basic lighting, the bodies and voices of the actors are the only instruments, and Spatz and Balduzzi are masterful." -


The development of PLAYWAR was made possible by support from the Movement Research Artist-in-Residence program, with funding from the Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund and the NYC DCA in partnership with the City Council; and by an artistic residency at Cave Arts.

The 2012 run at Abrons Arts Center was made possible by a grant from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund, administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council; and by the following individual donors: Carol Abizaid; Polly Attwood and Wendy Sanford; Giuseppe and Danilla Balduzzi; Ben Blum-Smith; Kody Blue; David Bridel; Bryan and Olya Brown; Joshua Bastian Cole; Cheryl Cutler; Cathy Dobina; Frank Episale; Joy Brooke Fairfield; Valentina Fratti; Rick and Cherie Goldsmith; Tanya Goldsmith; Yelena Gluzman; Steven Hall; Anna Hecker; Cara Herbitter; Nathaniel Justiniano; Tomoyo Kawano; Marie-Pier Labbe; Federico Lauri; Chris and Sally Lutz; Monica Marini; Ken Mason; Lorena Morales; Sujin Ock; Dario and Barbara Piccinnelli; Morris Rabinowitz and Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz; Sergio and Caterina Rillosi; Yuval Ron; Rachel Rutherford; Raphael Sacks; Melanie and Kevin Sarver; Christina Spangler; Shawn Shafner; Ira Shor; Alice and Larry Spatz; Peter Spitzform; Linda Stein; Alexandre Su; Nancy Goldsmith Tharler; Thuy Tran; Gillian Tunney; Gabriele Usberti; Paul Vaccani; Jessica Weinstein; and Kayla Yu.


Ben Spatz
Massimiliano Balduzzi

Theatrical Direction
Massimiliano Balduzzi

Original Texts
Ben Spatz

Lighting Design (2012)
Sarah Riffle

Sound Design (2012)
Asso Martino
Kanika Oung

Venues (NYC)

Abrons Arts Center (2012)

Occupy Broadway (2011)

Bob the Pavilion (2011)

Linnea Rossa (2011)

Medicine Show Theatre (2010)

Movement Research Festival (2010)

North American Cultural Laboratory (2010)

Where Eagles Dare Theatre (2010)

Centre for Performance Research (2009)