Planetary Forms: Artistic Research and the Edges of Europe

Palestinians break through the border fence at Erez on October 7th 2023. REUTERS / Mohammed Fayq Abu Mostafa.

PhD Graduation Event Keynote
Zurich University of the Arts
Monday 16 October 2023

This talk will propose to reframe artistic research as a site of experimentation with institutional forms in a post-european world. Drawing on the work of Denise Ferreira da Silva, Birgit Brander Rasmussen, and Esa Kirkkpelto, we will ask how the forms of knowledge that structure modern colonial institutions might be reinvented in an age of digital hyperconnectivity, political fragmentation, and ecological catastrophe. Spatz’s forthcoming book productively deflates concepts like philosophy, thought, and research by linking them to colonial forms of inscription or “white writing.” It then becomes possible to reframe artistic research as both an intervention into posteuropean institutional form and a pathway toward new entanglements of technique, identity, and place.