Videographic Entanglements Workshop (Aarhus)

Interrogating the Modes of Videographic Criticism:

Workshop convenors:
Johannes Binotto (University of Zurich)
Ben Spatz (University of Huddersfield)

Exploring connections between and across videographic film criticism, performance studies, and artistic research, this workshop asks how we might reconceive audiovisual material as connective tissue, linking people and practices, rather than (only) end products for publication. How do different types of audiovisual material create different kinds of linkages between scholars and practitioners? From a broad perspective, what different kinds of relation exist between modes of production and modes of dissemination? What are the ethics of politics of video, not just as a form of art and scholarship, but as a material force and channel that entangles bodies together across time and space? In this workshop we will introduce specific techniques of “videographic entanglement,” based on our own research practices, and discuss the ethics and politics of such entanglements.

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