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Studio research with Francesca Placanica

Project: En-Gendering Monodrama
Duration: 1:37
Practitioners: Francesca Placanica, Ilona Krawczyk
Direction: Ben Spatz
Venue: Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research
Date: 10-13 January 2017

Physical training for opera singers is not only necessary, but beneficial to the developments of our bodies, not only as instruments of our voice, but also as performative spaces per se. Performance training explores the untapped potential of the singing body’s in-built dramatic agency, both vocally and physically. Not all physical training, however, could leave the warm up/practice/studio phase and move into the music studio seamlessly. Operatic singing is also a delicate balance of resistances and releases, and the intensity of that dialectic at times “short-circuits” with any other input, external or internal. Indeed practice is the key in any case. — Francesca Placanica

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