Project Archive

STAR (2013, 2016)
Details and documents

Rite of the Butcher (2010-2013)
Details, photos, videos

PLAYWAR (2009-2012)
Details, photos, video

Theatricale: A Tragedy (2011)
Details and documents

Brooklyn Song Cycle (2011)
Directed by Ben Spatz with students at Brooklyn College, CUNY

The Summer Project (2010)
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Meeting #1 (2009)
First work encounter of Ben Spatz and Maximilian Balduzzi

Song Cycles (2007-2009)
Details and documents

Stone Songs (2007)
Directed by Ben Spatz with Stone Soup Theatre Arts
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The Master and Margharita (2004-2005)
Directed by Ben Spatz
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The Desert (2003)
Directed by Ben Spatz and Kody Blue

The War Room (2003)
Performance installation Ben Spatz and Michelle Goldsmith

neverland (2002)
Directed by Ben Spatz
Performers: Kody Blue, Vedant Gokhale, Michelle Goldsmith, Mattitiyahu Zimbler
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The Dark Ages (2001)
Created and performed by Ben Spatz
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