Rite of the Butcher

A visceral fable about the power of fantasy, as told by the Butcher — refugee, criminal, shaman — through poetry, martial dance, and folk songs in an invented language. This interdisciplinary work opens new doors for solo performance by combining embodied abstraction with contemporary themes.


Creator and Performer
Ben Spatz

Video Design and Mixing (2013)
Manuel de la Portilla


Réplika Teatro
Madrid, Spain (2013)

Lincoln Center Rubenstein Arium
New York City (2013)

Association for Theatre in Higher Education Conference
Washington, DC (2012)

Performance Studies International Conference
Leeds, UK (2012)

Cave SOAK Festival
New York City(2012)

United Solo Festival
New York City (2011)

Panoply Conference of Works
New York City (2011)

Movement Research at Judson Church
New York City(2011)

Movement Research Open Performance
New York City (2011)

Medicine Show Theatre
New York City (2010)