Another City

In the heat of the New York City summer,
experience another way – another city – another self.

Another City was a series of workshops held in NYC that bridged indoor studio work to outdoor expeditions. The work was structured around silent interactions and singing.

Leader: Ben Spatz
Dates: 17-19 August, 2007; 5-6 January 2008; 22-24 August, 2008
Venue: Theater Lab, Chez Bushwick, Central Park, environs

Download the Another City 3 brochure.


“It’s been four days since the workshop with Ben and I still feel the positive effects of his work. The workshop was a challenging and stimulating seven hour session that effortlessly bridges the gaps between movement, voice and narrative. By using movement techniques that reminded me of my training in Butoh and a variety of chants that could’ve come out of a shamanic ritual; I felt like my voice was opening up, regaining confidence to be heard, while my body found different ways to fight the urgency and pressure of time. I am looking forward to doing another workshop with Ben. He’s got an incredible sense of dedication to his work and to each participant.”

“There is some very strong evocation of something deep inside my spirit … I can’t put it into the words now, but following your voice I could feel something very archaical, old, essential in myself … This kind of ‘work’ is very intimately and it was good for me to experience it in a small group. Michele was such a great ‘wave’ and invocation to move with freedom and joy. Opening inside – creating inner spaces and sharing its vibrations – that is the image which I have after your workshop…”

“I want to thank you again, and this time in a more aware way, for the wonderful workshop that you guys led. It’s been such an important time for me as actress and as human being . . . As I mentioned right after the end of the workshop, something happened to me that hardly happens: I felt that I could totally trust you and let you direct my work . . . And again I have to thank you for this. For the working environment that you’ve been able to create.”

“Thank you so much for the truly beautiful ‘otherness’ you sculpted with such grace. It was a tremendous gift. I felt like I was in another city, or even another country. I felt like a foreigner in this city where I have lived for six years . . . I am used to doing street theater that is very political and in-your-face. It’s different when you’re behind the mask of a message or image, or if you have costumes of any kind. Here we were just ourselves, doing this. I felt vulnerable in the city. Vulnerable in a radical way.”

“It was very liberating for me, truly inspiring and I still feel a surge of energy. Thank you for creating that welcoming and encouraging space that allowed us to explore our voices and bodies and explore some of our boundaries. I amazed myself how quickly I felt comfortable expressing myself in public – both in the studio and in the streets. The use of song really succeeded in creating imaginary spaces and perceptions within the city.”