Song Cycles

These song cycles were developed between 2006 and 2009 as a research project in song, movement, and action. First Song Cycle was developed first with two people and then as a solo work created and performed by Ben Spatz. Second Song Cycle was created and performed by Michele Farbman under the direction of Ben Spatz. Both song cycles were structured around a sequence of invented, nonlexical songs through which a line of associations and precise actions was followed. There were no costumes or characters in the usual sense, but fragments of narrative did appear.

This period of work is described in Letters to an Empty Room (2010).

Ben Spatz

Ben Spatz
Michele Farbman

Chez Bushwick (2009)
Dance Theatre Workshop (2009)
Panetta Movement Center (2009)
Private loft in Tribeca (2007)