‘Embodied Voice’

Project: Embodied Voice
Director: Ilona Krawczyk
Practitioners: Siobhan Harrison, Ilona Krawczyk, Ben Spatz
Venue: Creative Arts Building Atrium, University of Huddersfield
Date: 17 March 2017

Performance Duration: 23 minutes

Each open presentation will be an opportunity to see and hear how we have been exploring vocal technique through exercises inspired by vocal and psycho-physical training in theatre, such as: the Coordination Technique developed by Song of the Goat Theatre, Body Voice Imagination by David Zinder, Voice Movement Therapy by Paul Newham, Dreaming Body by Arnold Mindell, and Body and Voice by Zygmunt Molik. You will hear improvised vocalizations and songs from various musical genres.

— Ilona Krawczyk