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Project: neverland
Duration: 6:18
Practitioners: Kody Blue, Vedant Gokhale, Michelle Goldsmith, Mattitiyahu Zimbler
Director: Ben Spatz
Venue: ABC No Rio, New York City
With support from Flux Factory
Date: 18-20 December 2002

“While we were discussing these things, we heard a low rumble in the distance. We thought it was thunder but, when A turned on the radio to find out what time it was, only martial music was playing and the newsflash informed us the coup had taken place; the army was in power, as if this was not home but a banana republic. They were encountering some resistance in the north but were rapidly crushing it. All the time we had been plotting, the generals had been plotting and we had known nothing. Nothing!” – Angela Carter, “Elegy for a Freelance”

From the program notes:

There are four of them. There is a beautiful fantasy that might be a stupid delusion. They are young and refuse to grow up. There is a question about reality. They are playing games and plotting murder.

Our exploration of this material began months ago, and it continues tonight. We have found a kind of vocabulary, but no actions are locked into place. We are discovering. You get to watch.

“Our performances are not products. They last as long as it takes to perform and no longer… Each performance is necessary and slightly out of control… We offer nothing but a room of humanity.” – Yelena Gluzman