Journal of Embodied Research

Journal of Embodied Research launched on 8 February 2017 from Open Library of Humanities. Edited by Ben Spatz, it is the first peer-reviewed video journal to be published for a broad scholarly readership.

The journal’s editorial advisory board is Paul Allain (University of Kent), Bruce Barton (University of Calgary), Paul Bowman (University of Cardiff), Yvon Bonenfant (University of Winchester), Frank Camilleri (University of Malta), Franc Chamberlain (University of Huddersfield), Thomas F. DeFrantz (Duke University), Greg Downey (Macquarie University), Jaroslaw Fret (The Grotowski Institute), Jozef Frucek (Fighting Monkey Practice), Ximena Garnica (Leimay Arts), Peter Hulton (Exeter Arts Archives), Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen), Daniel Alexander Jones (Fordham University), Maria Kapsali (University of Leeds), Petra Kuppers (University of Michigan), D. Soyini Madison (Northwestern University), Erin Manning (Concordia University), Royona Mitra (Brunel University London), Daniel Mroz (University of Ottawa), Nisha Sajnani (Lesley University), Peter Sellars (University of California Los Angeles), Diana Taylor (New York University), Sarah Whatley (University of Coventry), and Phillip Zarrilli (University of Exeter).

Journal of Embodied Research invites video article submissions of between 10 and 20 minutes documenting and articulating current practice and research in theatre, dance, and performance; martial arts, somatics, and physical culture; voice and vocal studies; dance, drama, and expressive arts therapies; experimental anthropology and carnal sociology; feminist, queer, and trans performativity; disability studies; critical race studies; somatechnics and anthropotechnics; habitus and everyday techniques of the body; and any areas or projects in which embodied practice is an essential part of the research methodology. If you are interested in submitting a proposal to JER, please read carefully through the submission guidelines and think about how you will articulate embodied research in the format of a scholarly video article.

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The initial press release announcing the journal can be found here.